Beach Closures Disrupt Routines For People and Their Dogs

Routines For Humans and Their Pets Are Disrupted By Corona Virus

We moved to Laguna so we could be closer to the beach. Part of our daily routine is to take a walk on the sand, breath in the ocean air, dive in the ocean when we can and enjoy the sunset. We miss our daily romps on the sand.

All access to beaches have been closed in Laguna leaving Olivia and Chester wondering where to have some outdoor fun.

“I was hoping that people could respect social distancing at the beach so we could all continue to enjoy it.”

Why The Beaches Had to Close

During the week in the winter months, the beach is pretty quiet. It's mostly locals enjoying walks on the beach with their dogs, a surfing or skim boarding session by some or perhaps some yoga in the park. But come a sunny day on the weekend and the numbers dramatically increase. This was the case for the first weekend of the imposed "Stay At Home" order given by our Laguna Beach Mayor, Bob Whalen.

Eager to get out of the house and be by the sea, people from Laguna and surrounding cities headed for the beach with their families and in many cases seemed to be ignoring the 6 feet distancing advice. This activity forced Laguna Beach city council to take on more drastic measures and close all access to the beaches.

“Getting out and enjoying the beach was giving us the mental break we needed”

We moved to Laguna so we could be closer to the beach. We miss our daily romps on the sand.

We Are All Making Sacrifices

Although it is inconvenient and not as much fun, I understand why the beaches had to close. We all need to do our part to help keep each other safe, especially this week which is a critical week for the spread of the virus.

For now, I'll have to walk my dog on the streets. Wear my mask and gloves, say hello to neighbors from a distance, and be grateful for being outside, while trusting that this too shall pass.

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