Dog Walkers in Laguna Beach

Laguna has some of the most loving and responsible dog walkers and sitters around.

Laguna is a great place to be a dog with miles of dog-friendly beaches, trails, and parks as well as some of the most loving and responsible dog walkers and sitters around. Work a lot, or busy and can't take your best friend along? Pets who are left alone for long periods of time often become depressed or develop poor health. Never fear, keep your best friend happy and healthy with regular or occasional visits as you need it from some of the best dog walkers and sitters in Laguna.


Here are some dog walkers you might want to meet.

Olivia Ladaire

Will walk multiple dogs

CeCe Card

K-9 Pack Runs

local walker

You could be here


Just like humans, dogs need socialization. Isolation can lead to loneliness, depression and poor health for your dog. If you are going to be gone for long periods of time, find someone who can walk, visit and socialize your dog. He'll thank you for it.

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